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The History of Willowmist Salukis

Willowmist Salukis began with a dream of a little ten-year-old child in the 1970s. That was when Kathryn fell in love with the breed after seeing a photograph of Alexandra of Daxlore an old English Wildlife magazine dating back to the 1960s. She told her family that when she grew up she was going to have dogs just like that. It was that image of beauty and grace that Kathryn held on to as her ideal and in that moment the journey began.

Fast forward to the late 1980s and Kathryn purchased her first saluki from the highly respected Australian kennel, Kiabe, owned by Dr Margaret Giles. He was the very handsome Kiabe Passito or “Jordan”. A job transfer meant that Jordan had to stay behind with Kathryn's parents and so became their much loved pet.
In 1991 Kathryn purchased her second saluki from Margaret. Kiabe Aiyila, or "Willow" was a very beautiful and feminine deer grizzle bitch. In 1992, Kathryn met Alex and they married later that year. Alex fell in love with the breed and enjoyed taking Willow to shows. Fate would have it that Alex's mother had had a pet saluki in Argentina when she was younger and Willow reminded her of her beloved Chau Chau. Kathryn and Alex spent the next few years learning more about the breed that had captured both their hearts.


Kiabe Passito

Kiabe Aiyila

Jordan and Willow

Kathryn and Willow

Jordan in action

Willow 9 weeks old