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Promoting the Past, Preserving the Future 

Our breeding philosophy at Willowmist is simple. It is to produce happy salukis that meet the Australian standard physically and will be good pets, show dogs and lure coursers. Salukis are an ancient breed and we aim to preserve all aspects of the breed. We strive to produce dogs as close to ideal as possible. We are not interested in following the latest fads. We try to produce sound, strong, healthy dogs and work closely with vets and other breeders whom we respect and admire to achieve this.


We do not breed from animals that we feel are unsound physically or mentally. Our breedings are planned well in advance and we are always focusing on the long term benefits to the breed. We believe breeding salukis is a privilege, not a right.


We do not sell to pet shops, or puppy millers. Salukis should never be subjected to that type of environment. We do not sell to people wanting to cross salukis with other breeds. Our priority is to find happy, stable homes where our puppies will be part of the family.


Our puppies are given the highest quality vet care, and receive regular worming and vaccinations according to the current schedule. We are happy for your own vet to examine any puppy of ours that you may be considering buying.


A puppy from us will always be sold with its correct paperwork and pedigree. If registration is still being processed, the Canine Control Council of Queensland will post it directly to you as the new owner. All puppies from our litter will be registered either on the full registry (for breeding/show stock) or the limited registry (if the puppy is not going to a show home). If you are new to purebred dogs and think you might like to show, please tell us so we can help you chose an appropriate puppy. 


We send all our puppies to their new homes with care sheets and contact numbers for us. We encourage desexing of non-show pups at the appropriate age. Dogs sold in the Brisbane City Council area will have twelve months council registration.


Please feel free to contact us about your puppy. We like to receive progress reports, emails and photos. If for any reason you can’t keep your puppy/adult dog that we have bred, please contact us and we will help find a suitable home, or keep it ourselves to live out the rest of its days.


We are registered breeders with the Canine Control Council of Queensland and with the Brisbane City Council.


We are planning our next litter for 2009/10. The mother will be Aust CH Willowmist Unicorn Muse, father to be advised. Please contact us if you would like to discuss buying a puppy from this litter.